Happy Birthday to Me… Happy Birthday to Me…

April 17, 2008 at 7:40 pm (Epilepsy, Life, Work) (, )

Ah so at long last, it’s my 24th birthday. 23 had it’s ups and downs (up: met my husband. down: just about everything else this year), but I’m glad to see it go. I’m feeling mega old though. I’ve never had a birthday actually hit me hard like this before. Is 24 a normal age to feel this? Hmm…

I haven’t written lately because everything has been “in between.”
I had a some appointments yesterday for Sentara (had to do my drug test, TB test, respirator fit, etc.), and that ended up being kind of sad. I did the drug test and the resp fit. But for the TB test they refused to do it because I’m “late” (even though I explained with my PCOS that my periods are unpredictable and are never really considered late), incase I’m pregnant (I’m not). And then they told me because of my epilepsy that I need to be cleared by their doctor first and get an ok from my own neurologist to work! How crazy is that?? I worked for Sentara for 3 years before, with E the whole time, and never had been told anything like this. I was tempted to argue but since I want this job I took the paper work, left, and called my doc. They were closed yesterday so I had to leave a message and they called this morning. Luckily they’re really nice and he put a mega rush on filling out my paper work for me. I faxed it to him at 11:30 and by 3:00 Sentara already had his signed copy okaying me! 🙂 (Thank you Dr. K!)

I’ve been whitening my teeth for the last 5 days and I definitely see a difference! I’m going to try to get some “before and afters” up once I’m done. But I’m mega happy with the results so far!


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