Interview: Part II

April 13, 2008 at 3:30 am (Life, Work) (, )

Okay so maybe the Sentara interview wasn’t really a bust afterall! After all the complaining I did (and believe me, I complainted… I complained on the internet, I complained to my hubs, I complained to my mom, my sister, my grandmother…), I got a call from a pediatrician’s office who wanted me to come in Monday for an interview!! Woot woot! So Monday at 2:30pm I go for my interview and I need to nail it because MAN DO I NEED/WANT THIS JOB! Perfect hours, perfect work days, and I love kids. It’s just too much perfect. So yes, I want! Prayers people, prayers!

And on a negative note: I have a spider vein. I saw the back of my leg in the mirror and thought, “Ew what’s that ugly bruise from!?” … A closer look revealed that it was not a bruise, it is a small spider vein. Blech. I called my mom and yelled at her/thanked her because they’re genetic apparently and she’s got them she said. So that blows. I’m going to get to the dermatologist or whoever as soon as my new insurance w/ Rob’s company kicks in so I can get the sucker zapped out. (or whatever it is they do)

And that is all for this evening.

(OH! PS- I bought vitamins!)


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