101 Things in 1001 Days.

So here is my list! My list was officially started on February 27, 2008 elsewhere- so it’s 1001 from then, not from posting it here.

Notice, however, that there are still blank spots on my list. The reason for this is because I was in a hurry to have a “completed” list and some of the things that were on here were poor choices- examples: things I know I could in no way do in that amount of time, things that were too general, and so forth. So I’ve deleted those and am in the process of trying to pick better things to put on in their place. On occasion I do pop in and update some of the items, like the more general ones that need details added (like “blog 3x per week for 1 month” etc.) so you may notice those changes.

01. Learn to bind a quilt the right way
02. Finish the quilt I started for Nate
03. Finish Pam’s present
04. Teach Erin to sew
05. Start dressing like a grown up
06. Go back to college
07. Dance in public (at a club or bar… alcohol mandatory!)
08. Plant new flowers at Dad’s grave
09. Make hummus
10. Be debt free
11. Buy a house
12. Have a tattoo designed just for me
13. Relearn to crochet but actually make something this time
14. Try to eat fish once, so when I say I don’t like it I can really mean it
15. Paint more often (Complete 2 paintings – 1 complete as of 4/8/08)
16. Enter one Craftster challenge http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=231765.0
17. Start praying again
18. Get my nose re-pierced
19. Take vitamins consistently for 2 months/6 months/1 year
20. Leave love notes for Rob like I used to do every day
21. Learn a new craft (TBD)
22. Make Rob’s mom a quilt
23. Fly a kite
24. Catch up with the quilt-block-a-long I started… and abandoned
25. Tell my mom I love her at least 3 times a week, if not more
26. Get a passport
27. Join the Norfolk Craft Mafia
28. Lose 30 more pounds
29. Make a quilt for my bed for the spring/summer
31. Have my whole family over my house for dinner that I’ve made
32. Go on a date to the movies with Rob
33. Find a way to turn my special t-shirt into something I can treasure forever
34. Go to Busch Gardens and ride all the rollercoasters with Rob
35. Read at least one book per month
37. Really put effort into getting my business going
38. Send in a secret to PostSecret
39. Pay back everyone that I owe money to
41. VOTE 2008!
42. Buy a sewing machine that works really well and quilts
43. Have copies printed of all of my important family pictures that are on my computer
44. Make a scrapbook
47. Go on my honeymoon
48. Buy wedding rings
49. Go camping
50. Spend more time with Rob’s family
51. Open a savings account… (actually keep money in there this time)
52. Get my teeth whitened
53. Consult for nose job
55. Learn more photography
56. Cancel Altell and go back to Verizon
57. Carve stamps
58. Make pajama pants for myself
59. Buy another soldering iron to make pendants again
60. Start journaling/blogging again
61. Spend less time on the computer and more time with my family
62. Find a better job that pays just as well, but has better hours
63. Dye my hair a brighter blonde for the warm weather
64. Stop popping my zits so my face will clear up
65. Plan a wedding (or a reception instead)
66. Tell Mike I got married Someone else told him, but I confessed and told him I was sorry for hurting him. And I am
67. Have professional pictures of Rob me done
68. Get a manicure and pedicure
69. Buy junky furniture and give it new life!
70. Make at least 1 bag every day for a week
71. Go to bed earlier than I usually do and stop sleeping until 10
72. Do more walks for good causes
73. Spend more quality time with Aidan before he’s too old to want to hang out with me
74. Get a part-time job for all those little extras I want
75. Donate unused items to Good Will
76. Take Mom on a date with just the two of us
77. Donate blood once a year
78. Go to Arlington Cemetery
79. Splurge and buy us a new bedspread that fits our bed
80. Go tanning
81. Learn henna
82. Get a Wii
83. Wear a bikini at the beach this summer
84. Go to South Carolina more
85. Attend at least one concert a year
86. Start to write poetry again
89. Spend one week on a tropical beach with just me, Rob, and some fruity drinks!
91. Find a perfume I really love
92. Start wearing makeup on a daily basis
93. Volunteer at least once a year
94. Buy myself a good bra
95. Get my seizures/health under control as much as I can on my own
97. Bake cupcakes from “500 Cupcakes”
98. Send handmade Christmas cards this year
99. Take a bubble bath
100. Buy clothes I think are cute and not worry that I’m “too fat” for them
101. Donate $1 for each incomplete item to the American Heart Association (in honor of my Dad) at the end of 1001 days.


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